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Do a U-Turn!

Turn From Fear to Faith

Dear explorer

I hope you are keeping safe amidst all the distressing turmoil that surrounds us. My speaking, training events and outreach work has all ground to a screeching halt. I am sure it is the same for most of us. Who could have imagined that life would change so dramatically?

It’s hard to comprehend how much has happened since my last Newsletter at Christmas. At that time, little did I know that my theme of “Don’t be afraid” would be so relevant for the future. In just a few months our world has changed forever. The devastating transmission of the deadly Coronavirus into humans and its tragic consequences could never have been imagined.

The source of its origin remains a contentious issue. But the fact is that it first appeared in Wuhan, China. At that time it was claimed it had been transmitted to humans from live animals, such as bats, sold on the Wuhan open market for food. However, that may not be the source because the other allegation is that the virus had been inadvertently leaked from the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory into the population of Wuhan, China.

Reports from a respected epidemiologist, Dr Eric Liang Feigl-Ding, who has analysed the unusual genome of the virus, said it is unlikely to have come about naturally. He said it looks like it was genetically engineered for purposes of a bio-weapon or a vaccine that has gone wrong. Dr Eric Liang Feigl-Ding is an American public health scientist who is currently a Visiting Scientist in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is also the Chief Health Economist for Micro clinic International. I would have thought that his comments carry weight.

We may never find out the truth about this tragedy, but whatever it’s source it has left society living in fear of contracting the Coronavirus - fearful because it has made us suddenly aware of our own mortality. This new enemy has highlighted what we don’t like being confronted with – that life is a slender thread that can be broken at any time.

And that fear has produced a knock-on effect. People are fearful of not having enough supplies, food or toilet rolls. There is the fear of losing the business that you built up over many years, the fear of losing all your income, the fear of not having any money, the fear of losing your home, the fear of not being able to get your prescriptions, the fear of losing someone you love.... and the fear of dying in loneliness and isolation.

I have seen fear in the cashier’s eyes as she hands me the receipt for my shopping. Fear that I could be a carrier of this awful disease. And EVERY day my 94 years old mother, soon to be 95 on April 25th, fearfully insists that she has got the Coronavirus. And EVERY day, over the telephone, I reassure her that she hasn’t and tell her - you need to “do a U turn.” Turn from fear to faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ and His care.
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As the News of the pandemic continues and the death toll which touches all age groups rises, you may be wrestling with fear too, whether it is fear of catching the coronavirus or fear of losing your livelihood......... Whatever fear you may be struggling with, my advice to you is the same. “Do a U turn.” Turn from fear to faith in Jesus Christ and call on Him to help you. Today Jesus is saying “Fear not.... for I will never leave you or abandon you” (Isaiah 41v10 & Hebrews 13v5 NLT).
If you feel bad about being fearful, let me encourage you. Think of the many times Jesus said to His Disciples, “Fear not!” or “Don’t be afraid! I am here!” or “Where is your faith?” (Matthew 14v22 & Luke 8V25 NLT). You may have to do a dozen “U turns” in a day, or an hour!
It doesn’t matter, keep turning to Jesus – He is right by your side.

FAITH produces the Flower of Assurance

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It has been said that “faith is the root and assurance is the flower.”

Many say they have faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour but they don’t have much assurance about His care and provision. Worse still, they lack assurance that their destination is heaven. But the deeper the root of faith in Jesus and His gift of forgiveness, the greater the flower of assurance – it will be steadfastly displayed through every situation, whether good or bad, whether through the Coronavirus pandemic or some other tragedy.

What is the “faith” flower of assurance? It is the fruit of repentance - where a life that has turned from taking their own way to following God's way brings freedom from guilt and shame. It is possessing a peace beyond understanding, knowing the certainty of forgiveness and acceptance because of faith in Jesus' death on the cross and His power over death in the resurrection. It is knowing the Holy Spirit's power and presence, and the joy that - there really is more - you are heading for an eternal life forever with God in heaven.

The apostle Paul, when he knew he was soon to die, had great assurance. He wrote of his future without any mention of fear:

“As for me, my life has already been poured out as an offering to God. The time of my death is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me—the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on the day of his return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.” (2 Timothy 4:6-8 - NLT)

Paul did a great “U turn” in his own life when Jesus Christ called him to leave his religious traditions and ceremonies. From that moment, Paul turned from his past religious life and followed Jesus Christ with all his heart. It meant that at the untimely end of his life, he could look forward with assurance. I noted three main things about Paul's faith:

The STRENGTH of his faith in Jesus Christ provided assurance in the face of death.

The KNOWLEDGE that he had lived his life to please God provided assurance of no regrets.

The PROMISE of the Lord Jesus to reward faith provided him with assurance to face difficult times.

As we face these uncertain times, have you got the same assurance of faith that Paul had?

Or do you need to “do a U turn” and turn to God from this moment asking Him to help you with your fears? If so, say this prayer and make your peace with God now while you still have opportunity. As you "turn" to God He will help you by enabling you to trust Him more and more - no matter what is happening around you. Please make sure you are heading for an eternity in heaven with God. The other destination hell, doesn’t bear thinking about....it is far, far worse than the Coronavirus or anything else.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I know that I am a sinner and need forgiveness
I believe that Jesus died to take the punishment for my sins
I want to repent (do a U turn) from my sins,
I invite Jesus to come into my heart and life and ask for the Holy Spirit to transform and empower me to live to please you,
Help me to trust and seek to follow Jesus from this moment
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you have said that prayer and want further encouragement please send an email to: pamela-ruth@prsministries.com. We would love to encourage you in that decision.


Please click on the picture to see my latest video message. This talk took place just as the Coronavirus pandemic was starting. My topic is "Why God?" using the life of the Old Testament Prophet Habakkuk. The theme was trusting God when we don't understand why. I felt at that time God was saying we would need a deeper faith for the times ahead. Little did I know how timely it was.

General Public Interest in Christianity - Update

Sadly, our street outreach work has had to temporarily stop due to the present crisis. Please join us in praying for the thousands that have signed our boards until recently and taken the Bible story leaflets. Each side of the board takes about 130-150 signatures (300 maximum each board) and each person who came to us discussed faith issues and their questions and fears - and this was before the Coronavirus pandemic! Many wanted prayer and quite a few came to our social cafes for a free meal and support. The children's parent gave permission for the photo above - they were all from Scotland. The boy in the middle at the back thanked us for explaining about Jesus because no one had done that before! He was fascinated by the Good News of Jesus.

Pray that they will read the leaflets again and "do a U turn" - from fear to faith in Jesus Christ. We hope that those that took the free copies of the Bible also take time to read them. We trust that God is doing a work behind the scenes during this time and where the fruits of each seed we previously sowed will now burst into life. Every child, every teenager, every adult, who listened to the story of Jesus will now grasp the power of His comfort and put their faith in Him to give them assurance for the hope and comfort for the future and their eternal destiny.



I am pleased to tell you that we now have a new addition to the website called “MJ’s Prayer Pointers.” This page is run by Margaret, C of E, Church Warden, from Cornwall, who has written and is continuing to write, useful prayers for different occasions and also prayers to help us deal with the Coronavirus. Do take time to have a look.
...Click here for the link....
You can also email any prayer requests you have to Margaret at:

We would love to pray alongside you in these challenging times.

Lou's Love Faith & Truth BLOG

If you haven’t signed up for Lou’s blog – do take the opportunity to do so. ...Click here... to sign up.

Lou continues to include some very thoughtful articles to help us in our daily life. In particular, I would recommend reading “The lesson from the Oyster” blog dated March 4 2020. It explains how a pearl is formed -through irritation, pain and tears. I felt this very appropriate for the troubled time we are living in. Once you have signed up - do comment in the blog box provided to encourage Lou.


Finally, Let’s look out for others and for the vulnerable whenever we can. Little acts of kindness go a long way - as do telephone calls to the lonely or fearful. Pray for the sick and for those who have contracted the Coronavirus to return to health swiftly. Pray for the government to make wise decisions, the whole NHS and staff and emergency services, the cleaners and caterers – everyone that is working hard to keep things together, the Postmen and delivery men, the supermarkets and staff. That each and everyone will be kept safe.

It is encouraging to hear of medical staff starting to openly pray before their shifts and some writing Bible verses on the back of their protective gear. Only six months ago that would have been prohibited! Pray that our nation will turn back to God and cry out to Him to bring healing and restoration to our land.

Would you also join me in praying for Pakistan. A Pastor there has contacted me to pray for his city which is in complete lock down – pray for the poor families who don’t have any money or food - that God will miraculously provide.

I am very aware that many reading this and accessing the website will be facing difficult and distressing circumstances and some grieving. Again, do please email us to pray for you, comfort and encourage you.

In closing, there may be some of you interested in looking at current world events and trends in the light of Bible prophecy and what the Bible says about the second return of Jesus Christ - a useful website to help answer some of your questions is www.lightforthelastdays.co.uk.

Keep safe and keep doing “a U turn” from fear to faith!

Love, prayers and Blessings

Pamela X