Welcome!  Thank you for joining Love Faith Truth Blog, LFT being my initials before  I was married!!

   I love writing, especially poetry and verse.  I trained as a nurse and worked in many areas such as palliative care and was privileged to meet many exceptional people, especially when night sitting.  It’s amazing how people open up in the dark hours of the night, sharing their fears, needing a listening ear,and holding their hand to let them know they are not alone.

 Having known these people,  made my life richer, I learnt how to listen, not just hear, they taught me how to suspend judgement, I saw beauty in humility, I was able to discern  those who had no fear, and became sensitive to  those who were petrified of death.   I witnessed many times the passing of a life into death, just one whispered breath and life is gone.


 I am really excited to have this opportunity to share my thoughts and poems inspired by my life’s experiences. I have had and recovered from two separate types of cancer, resulting in life changing surgery, and left a legalistic cult like sect, which has enabled me to embrace  the amazing knowledge of being saved by Grace.

 If you are struggling with life’s knocks and traumas, or if you are searching for some clarity and meaning in today’s upside-down world, I hope you find empathy and inspiration here. May this be a page where you learn about the Good News of Jesus and enter into God’s Love, Faith and Truth. 

Click below to listen to my poem “How can I Fear the Future” from blog dated July 30, 2019.   I am honoured to have it sung by my Pastor’s wife who composed the music for it. 

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