Book Reviews

My book inspired Sophie (pictured) to design and make this specially crafted cross for me!   Sophie wrote “The emotion in this book is staggering.  Pamela lays her heart out over these pages and because of this God’s presence is evident.   Alongside the sadness and fear, shines hope and faith.  When reading this book I could not put it down! Nor could I stop crying! And it taught me a true lesson that will remian with me for the rest of my life: God never leaves our side. Through the darkest of times, He is there and His guidance is of the gentlest kind, that of tender love and mercy.  When that truth settles in your heart, it is truly life transforming! What an incredible book this is.”

What a surprise to receive an email from two Canadian readers of my book, Denis and Gladys, asking if I would meet them at Liverpool Docks.  They were on a cruise holiday from Canada around the British Isles.  We had lunch together and I had another surprise,  Gladys had been brought up in the same group as me. We had so much to share. It was a very special time and a memory to treasure.

Local artist, Peter Jackson, was inspired by my book to do this painting for me. My book referred to the beautiful promises God gave to me in each of the colours of the rainbow.   I never dreamed it would inspire someone to paint a picture of the rainbow for me!  It was such a beautiful gift and another thing to cherish.