How Brave are we?

Over the past weeks I have been reading and listening to various devotionals and biblical teaching.  Two things that were shared have been laid on my heart and I have felt compelled to put them into words.

One was…How brave are we to stand up for Jesus in the current climate, considering the volatile climate  that was prevalent in the 33 years that he lived  on earth.

The other point, which spoke so loud and clear, was, something the late Ravi Zacharias said,

God gives us the sacred gift of the prerogative of choice, but God does not give us the privilege of determining a different outcome to what the choice will entail.

The consequences are bound to the choice.

However, the bible commands us to love, even those with whom we disagree, and our responsibility as the church is never to hate the individual, our privilege is to Love, and only God can change the heart of a person, and God is the ultimate Judge.

SO!!! these are my thoughts….

Are we brave enough to follow,

Go against the worlds strong current,

Stand and raise our voice to say,

We believe in Jesus,

Are we brave enough to uphold,

Morality as Jesus taught,

Have the courage, Knowing God is in control, and by our side.

The world is full of sin, corruption,

Hate filled passion, blind, and lost,

They don’t see Jesus, yearning,

Weeping, loving ,despite their Sin,

Sending brave, courageous people,

Into the world To spread GOOD NEWS!!

God will not force his Love on mankind,

 Even though, they are his creation,


Each person who has ever lived Can see, and  feel and hear, the wonder of Creation.


.As we have all been given From God,

the sacred gift of the  prerogative of choice,

We can all enjoy life, And live  life exactly how we choose,

But…..No one, no! No one,

Gets the privilege of determining a different outcome,

To what the choice will entail.

The consequences are bound to the choice.

God is the judge,

Are we brave enough to stand Against the tide of…

.“ anything is ok,As long as it feels right”

Have we the courage to say….“ I love you , but I can not agree with you,

On matters that go against The bible’s teaching,

So many….making choices,

That will seem so right in this life,

Only to have to face the consequences At the end.

So….I must be brave, I must have courage Despite the worldly opposition,

To stand up for what is right in God’s eyes,

Be ready to acknowledge, that Jesus is my Saviour, 

I need his help in showing that love, and to tell how,

 he is holding out his arms in love,ready to enfold, 

every broken repentant heart, as they choose to invite him into their life.


8 thoughts on “How Brave are we?

  1. Thanks Lou, as usual much food for thought. Sad that Ravi is no longer with us but you are helping in taking his place, keep up the good work, Pete 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much Lou – for this very challenging blog! It is the echo of my heart to be brave and stand firm for Jesus in these troubled times – because He is the answer. I loved how you brought out the attitude we are to have with those who disagree with us. This is such a timely, appropriate and precious Word – definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Love always, Pamela x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Pamela, I do so appreciate feedback on what I post, It’s not easy to show unconditional love, especially when we are faced with fierce disagreement!!! but if Jesus loved us before we loved him, and he loves every sinner that walked and walks this earth, I know he will give us all the help we need through his Holy Spirit. love Lou.

  3. Quite agree with your words Lou- how we need to be Daniel’s in the times we’re living in! We cannot do anything in our own strength though- how we need the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to be bold & take a stand against anything that isn’t Biblical. Think it’s Peter that tells us to give an answer to anyone who asks us about our faith- but we need to do so respectfully & lovingly. So much aggression around now! God bless you & Pam,
    Yours in Christ, Mary 🙏🙏

    1. Dear Mary, yes! Dare to be a Daniel!! we are living in such challenging times, especially standing fast and strong as Christians, I pray for us all, that when questioned, we will be given the strength courage to say, “yes, I am a Christian, and I believe in Jesus and the moral standards God has given us all to live by.” Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Lou.

  4. Thank you Lou, this has also been the cry of my heart in these dark times! Will we shine the Light of Jesus into this world? Will we be courageous enough to go against the tide, in TRUTH and LOVE, as truth without love isn’t the Gospel either. Thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost to guide us! Thank you Pamela for sharing this blog and website with me, so encouraged! Be blessed

    1. Dear Nina, Thank you for your lovely comment, we certainly are so blessed in having the Holy Spirit to guide us through so many of life’s trials especially in this present climate we are living in. together we can encourage and support each other through prayer to stand fast, be brave, and share the truth and Love of Jesus.

  5. Dear Pete, Thank you for your kind words.
    My prayer would be for my heart to be ever receptive to God’s voice and nudges, so I write his words and share them with others. Lou

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