You Saw Our Tears


I have just heard the news of someone whose mother has died from cancer, this lady’s Mum lived in canada, and so with all the lockdown measures in place, she was not able to be with her dear Mum, but was able to be with her via internet link, and witness her passing from this life, to be with her Saviour who she loved.

my heart went out to this lady and her sister, not being able to be there, to hold their Mums hand, and kiss her goodbye.

I was so privileged in being with both my parents when they died, both loved the Lord, and they were ready to be with him, so for me and my sisters, it was a sense of joy that they were out of their suffering, but also a deep sadness at losing them, but, I was very conscious of a sense of deep comfort and a blanket of love, as so many dear friends were praying for us in our loss.

so these words came to me.  


You saw our tears,

Our helplessness,

Our heavy hearts,

our pain,

As we looked on,

at one so dear,

Whose life was on the wane.

Our sorrow and impending loss

You saw,

and felt it too,

As you dear Lord,

Wept when you walked,

On earth,

So long ago,

You saw, and moved the hearts of those,

Who felt and saw each tear,

And as,

for us,

they quietly prayed,

We felt you Lord so near,

As each prayer reached your listening ear,

Asking that we would gain,

Comfort and love from your dear self,

To help us,

through our pain.

Such Love, such comfort gave us strength,

To bid farewell,

let go,

In grief we struggle,

yet we feel,

Your love is everywhere,

Because of those who pray for us,

In heartfelt loving prayer.

One thought on “You Saw Our Tears

  1. Lou this is beautiful and tear-jerking! I must admit it brought tears to my eyes as it was so sensitively written. Thank you for sharing ti. I know it will help many and I pray God will direct people to your blog to receive help and comfort for such a time as this. Blessings abundant to you. X

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