Trust…..Letting go

Many years ago, a work colleague  confided in me about something that had happened to her, causing her to feel, betrayed, humiliated, hurt to the very core of her being, and left her reeling, trying to pick up the pieces  of a relationship ripped apart, and wondering how she could ever forgive, trust and let alone Love  again.

I too have had to face the choice of either hanging on to a time of betrayal, hurt and intense humiliation, or to let go, forgive, so my inner peace could be restored. 

This didn’t happen overnight, and just when I thought I had forgotten the hurt and sense of betrayal, it would rear its ugly head, and my peace would be gone.

It wasn’t until  I dropped the ammunition I kept as a protection against getting hurt again, did I finally have peace of heart.

I believe God sees every little detail of our lives, we may wonder why we have to go through such struggles and tough times, but God  can use what we go through, as a means of us reaching out to another, who is going through  a similar experience.

After my colleague had confided in me, I wrote this for myself and her.



TO TRUST…… to have faith

TO HAVE FAITH…….is to let go,

In letting go we drop our suspicions,

Accusations, jealousy and the need for revenge,

These are our protection against getting hurt again,


We hang on to like ammunition,

By letting go, we feel vulnerable, naked,

And open to being Hurt again…….

When we have been pierced to the heart by betrayal,

told Lies and deceit,

We want to inflict pain twice as hurtful,

We lose trust and, in its place,

Grows a soul-destroying canker

Of distrust.

A jealousy so strong that,

IF we let it……

It can eat into our very being.


To forgive would be like letting the one who has hurt us,

Get away with not suffering…

We want to withhold from them

the peace, that

Forgiveness will give them.

Yet……in with holding,

We rob ourselves of obtaining

That peace for ourselves.

Healing takes time……

To trust takes time……

But with faith….and the courage,

To drop our ammunition.

We can learn to have  hope in our hearts again,

we can begin to trust, forgive,

And experience deep inner, cleansing  Peace.

Giving room for Love. 

One thought on “Trust…..Letting go

  1. Lou this is so moving and true! I am sure many people will identify with this and find it incredibly helpful. There are so many broken dreams and broken promises in people’s lives- I pray they will read your words and find peace again.

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