what will it take?


I began to write this at the beginning of lockdown and have only now come across it again!!  so although the lockdown is being gradually lifted, I guess much of it is still relevant. 

What will it take to bring us to our knees!!!!

In a world that’s in lockdown,
There is deep dread, and fear,
A life threatening virus,
Causing death far and near,
We are living in times
Never lived through before,
This virus is claiming
Both the rich and the poor.

Was it only last year
We didn’t think twice,
At how many loo rolls
Or packets of rice,
Went into our trolley
As we shopped without thought,
Taking for granted
The food that we bought.

In life before lockdown
We jumped in the car,
Filled it with fuel
And travelled afar,
No social distancing,
No Face masks to wear,
No clapping or cheering,
For those who give care.

Now we’re in lockdown,
A strange place to be,
Stay at home, do not mix,
Is the government’s plea,
When so many are dying,
Especially the old,
It makes sense to abide,
By what we’ve been told,

But there’s one place to go,
No restrictions at all.
We can kneel before Jesus,
He will Heed every call,
He will comfort and love us,
Take our part, intercede,
Will listen and give us,
The peace that we need.

So, still keep your distance,
wash your hands, wear a mask,
Be ready to answer
If any should ask,
For the reason you’re smiling
Just make it quite clear,
Gods in full control,
There is nothing to fear

2 thoughts on “what will it take?

  1. So true, Lou! I’ve thought much about that – when we are having to social distance, Jesus is saying, “Come to Me……!”

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