Peace has resumed!

Today, I feel more like this swan gently gliding on smooth water!!!!  I love my grandsons and mabel the puppy very dearly, but its been so good to be in a place of calm contemplation once again!!


No longer am I “lockdown nanny”

Only plain old “lockdown Lou!”

The house is quiet, no boys or pup,

I’m left  wondering what to do!!

But then! Oh bliss, I have the time,

At last! To sit in peace!

No longer at the beck and call,

From grandkids, pup,

all cease!!

Instead of stolen moments,

From busy days to pray,

I now can sit at any time!

To pray throughout the day!

No puppy puddles to mop up!

No longer refereeing,

No more getting bored grandkids,

To play and just agreeing!!

The silence is so wonderful!

after 8 weeks nonstop noise,

I just appreciate the peace,

From my lovely pup and boys!!

(After thought)

I guess they must be thinking

Yes! We are free at last!!

Lockdown bootcamp Nanny

Is firmly in the past!!

3 thoughts on “Peace has resumed!

  1. This is so well written! And Lou I hope you get a well deserved rest! I am sure the boys loved their time with bootcamp Nanny!!! The time they spent with you will have impacted them in a wonderful way for the future. Now its time for you to just chill and enjoy the peace. x

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