Lockdown Nanny!!

With all the rather depressing news around the covid 19 and lockdown, I decided to put  my experience down in verse, just to hopefully bring a smile and a chuckle to anyone feeling a little jaded by the present way of life!!!!!




Lockdown Nanny!!!With two boys and a puppy.

At first it seemed a good idea,Just two weeks maybe three,

To have the grandkids just to stay,So my daughter could be free,

To go and care for those in need,While lockdown comes in force,

To stop, defeat the virus, Until it runs it course,

Well let me tell you one and all,I’m not cut out to be,

A lockdown nanny, oh no way!!That’s definitely not me!!!

The first wall of resistance,Was….yes you guessed that’s right!

School work…you must be joking!,They’d rather play and fight!!!

I go on google classroom,Encourage Boys to look

,Exclaim at how much fun there is,Should we read that book?

Or maybe build a castle,With a working drawbridge fine,

And NO boys, YOU are making it,It’s all-your work…not mine!!!

I threaten zero screen time,I promise treats galore,

I’m sounding like a nanny From a bootcamp more and more!!!!

Sanity is part restored,By the daily walk outside,

We walk across a field of grass,To a place where boys can hide,

Another walk is down mill lane,Again, I wear a frown,

With so much water, I just fear,They’ll both fall in and drown!!!!

They Climb a gate, and call the cows,They stroke them without fear,

As I am trying desperately, To say, don’t get too near!!!

 Back to base, it’s time again To fill their hollow legs!,

One loves chips and dippers While the other one loves eggs!!

In between homeschooling Eating, being bored, and walks,

I seem to go from nanny chats,To bootcamp nanny talks!!!

By five pm I’m on my knees but still …..there’s tea to cook

And after bath and cleaning teeth,There’s to read a bedtime book.


Now let me introduce you, to Mabel…our small pup!!!

 She’s the sort who never grows much more Than the size of a coffee cup!

She wees and poos where  ever,the place is smelling  right,

She eats and sleeps and runs around,And loves to play and fight.

Because she is so tiny,I have this fearful dread

We may not see her tiny selfAnd on her we may tread!!!😩

She’s like  a new born baby,I thought those days were past!

So by the time they’re ALL asleep,I can go to bed at Last!!

Seven weeks..still counting I am nearly on my knees!!

Each day I  pray so earnestly And the Lord has heard my pleas,

Six more days, yes only six!!!!Then dare I say it ..free!!!!!

 No longer lockdown, bootcamp NAN,But gosh…just plain old ME…..PHEW…..!!!!!



One thought on “Lockdown Nanny!!

  1. Love this Lou – it really made me chuckle! Also love the pictures too. The little dog is very little!!! XX

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