Thoughts from Ethan


This  is Ethan, 9 years old.One of my 9 grandchildren.

He loves to help, make cakes and help in any way he can. he is very sensitive to others feelings, and thinks very deeply about life. when I suggested he could write a poem or prayer, he recorded his thoughts and then we put them down.


There is one who heals the sick

He helps the poor and blind,

He is mighty, brave and was willing

To become a sacrifice,

For everyone,

Taking all our sins

On the cross.

Jesus loves us every day,

Day by day,

He never let’s go,

Even if we sin a little,

He stays and loves you.

When you are sad,

Maybe at the end of the day,

Feeling blue,

Go to your bedroom, lock the door

And go to the one who heals

And tell him all your troubles.

Jesus will always listen.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts from Ethan

    1. Hi Pete, Ethan was very chuffed to get your lovely comment!! he says thank you very much and you are to stay safe!!

  1. WOW! So great to have Ethan on board the blog!!!! This is so beautiful and very well written. Thank you Ethan….. please write some more…… we would love to see more of your poems…… you have a gift just like your grandma. XX

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