How is it?

How is it that even now,

As an unseen deadly enemy Is attacking so many lives,

Leaving a trail of terror, and unbearable grief,

I can go for a walk,

Where birds are singing, unconcerned,

Trees are Changing from brown twigs,

As brand new green leaves unfurl

.How is it,

As I walk through a lush green meadow

Beside a river,

Under a sky of unbroken blue,

And nature is busy all around,

Birds nesting,

Insects going about their business,

And crops continue to grow In fields.

How is it… continues Where there are no humans involved.

God is in control of his creation,

He knows already the outcome,

The fallout,

The way the world will be,

After this terror has gone.

Will, those who have no thought of their mortality,

Be suddenly, confronted With the realization…

that Tomorrow may not come!

Will there still be those who question Why?

Even as I walk and ponder on these thoughts,

I know, and am in no doubt that God is in control,

He sees,

he knows,

he hears,

he loves,

We should not fear.

3 thoughts on “How is it?

  1. Thanks so much for this Lou. It’s so thoughtful and well written. Loved it and found it so helpful. X

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