A Widerness Experience

      Just recently, I read of someone coming out of  an experience, where their faith and trust and everything they had believed in, had been  challenged by an overwhelming life changing situation.

They knew and loved God, they knew deep down he would not fail them, but Satan knows when to sow big doubts and fears as he sees us at our most vulnerable.

This resonated with me as I too had such an experience in 2013, a year after life changing surgery for mouth cancer. 

 It’s possible in these uncertain and  bewildering times we are living,that we may question, we may feel a lack of faith, a lack of motivation to read our Bible, to even attempt to pray. 

    BUT…..      the amazing and wonderful thing about this is, we have an intercessor, we have our loving Saviour who is praying for us, he can hear our groanings and see our tears and take them to our Heavenly father,  who Loves us, and will never let us go.

Its when we come out of this wilderness experience, we can look back and see how gently we were carried through, to come  again to a place of renewed faith, love, and a deeper knowledge of Gods never failing Love and Grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.   

I wrote the following when I was at my lowest ebb.                              

A Wilderness Experience.

I feel as if I’m wandering

In a place that’s dead and dry,

I have no motivation

To get up from where I lie

But I have to make myself get up

And face another day,

Ignore the fact that once again

This day feels flat and grey.

Where has my faith and trust gone

In the God I love and know

Without his help and comfort

I cannot feed and grow,

Why am I feeling like I do

Tears never far away

Yet I have so much

To thank God for every day.

Maybe it’s not that God has gone

But I have failed to pray

To give him full control

To guide me each and every day

Failed to take his outstretched hand

Missed hearing words of love

Trying hard to cope myself

Not aware of God above.

Help me Lord to once again

Say” not my will but thine”

Take control I truly pray,

And like, the water turned to wine,

Let me let you mould me

Until you only see

Your will lived out within my life

And nothing left of me.

3 thoughts on “A Widerness Experience

  1. Lovely Lou! I’m sure this will resonate with many people! I’ve certainly been there at various points in my life! Another reminder ( and challenge!) to walk by FAITH, not sight and to “live above feelings, because victory’s there!!”

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