If I could see……

If I could see what God can see……how different my choices 

I can only imagine what I may see

At the end of the lane,

Where I have the choice to turn

Left or right,

or even go straight on!

The lane is shrouded in shadow,

Because the field beside

Is in brilliant sunshine.

At the end of the lane is a sign


Give way to possible danger,

Give way,

Let danger pass before proceeding.

God sees and knows the outcome if I turn



Or straight ahead!!

God sees the outcome if I stay in the shadows 

Or step into the sunlight,

God sees and knows the outcome 

Of our every breath,

He knows the number of our days

He sees if we give way,

Or give in,

Lord as I think of your all seeing all hearing all loving presence,

Please give me the wisdom to always choose the true way

That will bring me ever closer to you. 


2 thoughts on “If I could see……

  1. Thank you Lou! What a great reminder of seeking God in every decision we make. With the current crisis around the world and the fear of contracting the coronavirus – we need to be turning to God to ask Him for help us in every area of life. The future seems uncertain, we wonder if things will ever be “normal” again – actually I doubt it will. But one thing remains and that is our need to be as you say “ever closer to you (God)” in the days ahead. God bless you Lou and keep you safe. X

  2. That’s such a timely reminder, Lou! We have God’s promise that if we commit our way to Him, He WILL direct our paths and that’s so reassuring!

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