The unbroken Donkey

I was reading about the time Jesus sat on the young colt, a young unbroken animal, that had never had anyone on its back before, and yet, it did not show any signs of nervousness, but a spirit of submission and service.

A young unbroken Donkey,

Was led to bear a King,

He took him over palm leaves,

His ears with noise did ring,

The people thronged the roadway,

A great and joyous crowd,

As they welcomed Jesus,

They sang “Hosanna” loud,

The young unbroken  donkey,

A humble little beast,

Bore the one who quietly sat,

And headed to the feast.

The donkey, was submissive,

He sensed he need not fear.

But trust the one upon his back,

As The Crowds drew ever near

. This young, unbroken Donkey,

Was used to bear Gods son,

A little part, he played so that

Gods will on earth was done.

One thought on “The unbroken Donkey

  1. Love this story Lou! I really like how you bring out the submissive attitude of the donkey – they are known for being very stubborn! I pray for a more submissive spirit in my own life. Bless you for this. X

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