Pray BIG!

what strange and unsettling times we are living in at present!! 

But…. what an opportunity to pray!! 

God is in control…we need not fear!!


What an opportunity!!! An amazing place to be!!

To be in isolation from the world…you must agree!!!

For after washing hands… (I must!) I can have that time to pray!

And pray, and pray and pray some more Big prayers throughout the day!

God sees the mess and turmoil, He sees and hears our cry,

Many will  shout in anger…Why God? Why?

While others will be silent with inner peace of heart,

Knowing God, He has a plan, of which they are a part.

Prayers are what are needed right now, just where we are,

How wonderful if, from our prayers faith grew both near and far

So that a great revival could spread throughout the land

Millions turn from fear to hope, to stop building in the sand

Every child of God, who lives, can come and pray. Be bold!

No one is exempt from prayer; the young, infirm or old,

Let’s lift big prayers to God on high, for all mankind to come,

To know, believe, and find the truth in Jesus Christ, God’s son.

6 thoughts on “Pray BIG!

  1. Amen and amen!! When so many are feeling helpless and hopeless, we can and must pray to our great God, “with Whom ALL things are possible!”

  2. I say “Amen” in agreement with Lynda – we must persist in prayer to our faithful and merciful Lord to move the “mountain” – of fear and helplessness and to cast this “mountain” virus into the sea of destruction. Faith sees the One who is invisible and faith like a mustard seed can move mountains. We pray it will be so – thank you Lou for writing such a powerful prayer for “such a time as this.”

    1. Thank you for your comments. It is good to know that you find this blog helpful. Please let others know about it too and why not sign up for our
      newsletter as I am sure you would find it helpful.

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