A lesson from the Oyster

I have always felt there is such a profound message, and lesson to learn, from hearing how a perfect pearl is formed.   

A lesson from the Oyster

To look at a perfect Pearl, Is to see a finished work Of perfection.

It’s easy to overlook all that took place For the pearl to reach its perfect state.

The Oyster that produced this Pearl Went through Irritation….pain…….tears…

.and ultimately lost its life.

Our lives can have many irritations….Times of pain…..hurtful moments…

.Betrayal…..loss… and tears of frustration.

But we can turn these experiences Into…..Pearls of forgiveness,

Pearls that heal, Pearls of great Joy and Love….

We are a work in progress,

It is how we allow the influence of suffering in our lives that will determine…

If there will be a pearl when our life’s work is done.

A pearl of Love ….that comes from Jesus.

One thought on “A lesson from the Oyster

  1. This is beautiful Lou. How incredible that the oyster loses its life – but a beautiful pearl is the result. X

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