In the midst

I often think of that time when Jesus was fast asleep in the boat with his disciples, and there was a storm, it must have been a bad one, as seasoned fishermen, they would have been used to stormy seas, but here they were crying out to Jesus in fear for their lives!! 

Jesus just looked at them, maybe in exasperation!! then camly stilled the wind and the waves.    How often am I so fearful, forgetting that with Jesus within me, he can calm my inner turmoil, and bring calm and peace into my heart.


In the midst of the storm just remember,

Our Saviour was calm and at peace,

He rose from the place he was sleeping

And with power he made the storm cease,

Our God made the heavens and darkness,

He stretched out the stars with his hands,

Our almighty God, our redeemer,

Made the sun, and the sea and the lands,

And when we feel burdened and helpless

Its then that our Savour our friend

Will quietly and calmly assure us,

On him, we can always depend.

In the midst of a storm that is threatening

We may feel overwhelmed, full of fear,

And we question the presence of Jesus,

If at first, we can’t tell, if he’s near.

Just wait, and listen, in silence,

We will hear his dear voice, in love say,

I will never forsake you, my dear one,

  I am with you each step of the way .

One thought on “In the midst

  1. Thank you Lou! This is very timely in view of the “panic” because of the Corona virus…..
    But whatever the storm – we can depend on Jesus to help us and ask Him to protect us. XX

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