My Future Lord

A new Year beckons!! no one knows what challenges and tests we may face in the days, weeks and months to come, they may be health issues, family situations that are not easy to handle, physical, mental and spiritual mountains and valleys we have to climb over or climb up out of!!

However, there is one thing we are certain of, nothing that is happening, or going to happen is  unknown to God, he already knows the outcome of what lies ahead,we just need to trust and obey.

So, why do we let our anxieties sometimes engulf us, and rob us of our peace and joy.

I wrote the following poem a year or so ago, but its as relevant today as it was then.

My future, life and all I am belongs to my Heavenly father who loves me with a love beyond my human comprehending.

We have a Great and loving God.


My future Lord is in your hands,

 My life belongs to you,

Help me lord to learn to trust,

In treasures that will never rust,

You, who formed me  from the dust,

I’ll follow only you. 

My future Lord is in your hands,

Please hear me when I cry,

“Save me from my human will,

Let your Holy Spirit fill,

every part till I am still,

And in your arms I lie”.

My future Lord is in your will,

And yet I struggle so,

To relinquish plans I’ve made,

many times, to you I’ve prayed,

As from your dear presence strayed,

”  Dear Lord,don’t  let me go!”

My future Lord, to you belong,

You know the time and hour,

Every day, you live in me,

And give  your gift of life so free,

 as in sheer wonderment I see,

Your Glory, strength and power.

My future Lord, belongs to you,

You suffered in my stead,

Lord I give you every part ,

You have known me from the start,

I submit to you my heart,

Such riches lay  ahead. 

The future holds such treasures great,

That will not age or rust,

Life eternal, no more tears,

Forever gone, deaths dark fears,

Life eternal, no more years,

In you, dear Lord I trust.

2 thoughts on “My Future Lord

  1. Thanks Lou, as you say, it seems to be a constant struggle, my will… Gods will… so thanks for the reminder of storing treasures up in Heaven. God bless, Pete 🙂

  2. Thank you Lou – this year is presenting lots of challenges for me already! As you say, God knows the future and we can safely leave it all in His hands. This poem really blessed and encouraged me – just at the right time. What a wonderful gift God has given you Lou. Love Pxx

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