Love and Forgiveness

This Devotional from Max Lucado, really touched a sensitive point in me, the words following what he wrote just came to me, and I had to share them.  

You will never forgive anyone more than God has already forgiven you.

Is it still hard to consider the thought of forgiving the one who hurt you?  If so, go one more time to the upper room.  Watch Jesus as he goes from disciple to disciple.  Can you see him?  Can you hear the water splash?  Can you hear him shuffle on the floor to the next person? Keep that image in mind.  John 13:12 says,  “When he had finished washing their feet…”  Please note–  Jesus finished washing their feet.  That means he left no one out.

Why is that important?  Because that means he washed the feet of Judas.   Jesus washed the feet of his betrayer.  That’s not to say it was easy for Jesus.  That’s not to say it’s easy for you.  But that is to say, God will never call you to do what he hasn’t already done!

A picture of LOVE, as only Jesus can Love.

They sat there unsuspecting, 

With no idea what lay ahead,

You tried to tell and warn them

They heard not what you said,

You knew their thoughts and hearts, Lord,

You knew where they would fail,

You watched them, even Judas,

Guilty of your betrayal,

 You knew all that would take place,

As before each one you knelt,

To wash their dusty feet Lord,

T’was only love you felt,

Even before they ran to hide,

Before the kiss of death,

You had forgiven everyone,

Before your dying breath.

Oh, help me to forgive Lord,

Please help me Love like you,

I hold on tight to memories 

That keep me captive so,

To love when we are hurting,

And letting bitter tears,

And old and dusty memories

Keep hold of dated fears,

Wash me clean my saviour,

Your blood, you shed for me,

How Can I thank you, as I should

For setting my soul free.

All I have is yours Lord,

My life, my heart my all,

Let me live a life with you,

Until the day you call

One thought on “Love and Forgiveness

  1. Wow! Lou this is so challenging. It is so true and relevant to all of us and it really hit me how much the attitude of Jesus to His Disciples is one He would want us to have. It really made me examine myself and any hidden things I still have in my own heart. Thank you for such a timely word to reflect on as we come to the close of the year. I want to start 2020 with a “clean” heart and “right” attitude. Bless you Lou for sharing such a powerful Word. XX

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