Where Has the Babe Gone?

When I go shopping this time of the year, and hear the christmas music, see the vast array of festive ware, paper, cards, presents etc…. I feel a sadness that so many people give no thought to the true meaning of Christmas.

Where has the Babe gone, amongst tinsel and trees,

Baubles and snow,that  never will freeze,

Giant blown up Santa’s,reindeers  that fly,

Shops full of goodies,for people to buy,

Where have they laid him,the Baby who came,

So many don’t know him,not even his name!

“What has he to do,with this time of year,?

“So many dismiss him, that Baby so dear,

“Let’s have a knees up,feast,drink and have fun,

Spend money like water,for when all’s said and done,

We need to forget and just live for today”

,Forget the sweet baby,asleep in the hay.

But Jesus the Babe,grew up and became,

A Saviour for all,he took all our blame, 

One  day each person,when life is no more,

will meet him in person ,and find what’s in store,

For each will be asked,did you see him? So small,

As he grew to a man did you hear his dear call?

For every believer,will stand beside those,

Who turn from Christ Jesus, their own way they choose,

And each person in turn will be asked just one thing,

“Have you lived for, and loved,Christ Jesus, our King”?

The out come will be either sorrow or joy,

I urge you, take heed,to this pure, baby boy.

2 thoughts on “Where Has the Babe Gone?

  1. Wow… this is the true meaning of Christmas… why do so many miss it?
    Thank you, what a lovely poem, you are very gifted, Lou.
    I feel like this will make Jesus smile, me too 🙂

    1. Thank you, Pete!! I do appreciate you saying such lovely things!! I must admit, since leaving the way I was brought up, like Pamela, we never even really acknowledged Christmas, in fact, my mother in law would put Xmas!!! which as our Pastor says, is crossing out Christ!! now I feel free to really embrace this season for all the right reasons!!

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