What will you do with Jesus?

last Christmas, we heard a message on the theme of What will you do with Jesus ,and after listening, and thinking of all that had been shared on this question, these words came to me. 

What will you do with JESUS?

What will you do with Jesus?

As you see him all swaddled 

And small,

Will you keep him forever a baby?

 And think, no more of him, at all.

What will you do with Jesus?

Once the tree and the presents have gone,

Will only his name be seen written down?

In a seasonal Christmas song,

What will you do with Jesus? 

As a new year, Unknown, lies ahead,

Will you leave him a baby so tender?

In a manger for his bed.

What shall I do with Jesus?

Pilate asked as he faced the wild   crowd

“Crucify him, we don’t need or want him, 

They answered, jeering so loud.

What shall you do with Jesus?

When the time for Easter, comes round,

When Jesus is seen, nailed onto a cross,

Bearing our sins, with no sound.

What will you do with Jesus?

As before the cross, you kneel and find,

He has taken your place, and set you free

This Saviour of all mankind. 

What will I do with Jesus?

As, he holds out his pierced hand in love,

I will take it, and cherish my Saviour,

 Who came to save from above.

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