A Baby Born

A Christmas message. 

I wrote this back in 2017, and it was put to a hymn tune, and sang at the Chapel Christmas carol service.

A baby pure and perfect,

Born in a manger plain,

To be a perfect Saviour,

O’r all mankind to reign.

He came to save the sinners,

Through perfect love and grace,

came to offer life to all,

No matter creed or race.

He came, a helpless baby,

Submissive, helpless, small,

came to offer life to those,

Who heeded his dear call,

“Come follow me, come follow,”

“Leave earthly gold behind”,

“Come follow me, come follow”,

No greater love you’ll find,

No great fanfare to welcome,

This baby from on high,

Just hosts of singing Angels,

Rejoicing in the sky,

Love sent this baby to us,

Was grace that set us free,

As this sweet baby Jesus,

Left all, for you and me.

May you know the joy and peace of Christmas

One thought on “A Baby Born

  1. This is truly beautiful Lou. I really enjoyed reading it – it must have been great to hear it sung to music – with a heart of worship.

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