Just Trust Jesus

Back in July 2015, I was going through an experience, that came about, after making the hardest decision I had ever made.

It involved hurting those close to me, who I loved, but it was something I had to do if I was to ever know of being free and liberated from a very closed and secret sect/cult, I had been born and raised in.

Someone, who had been through a very similar experience, contacted me, and just said…TRUST JESUS!!

and I found these words up the other day I had written, I feel they are applicable for anyone struggling with overwhelming valley experiences, or just feeling helpless and adrift in today’s society.

Even though the next step is unseen,

Even if you are surrounded by people who misunderstand you,

Even though you find worries and fears engulfing you,

Even if you cannot stop the tears from falling,

Even if your heart is breaking because of family pain,

Even if those you love seem to be drifting away from you,

Even if to pray seems so hard,

Even if you don’t feel God’s real presence,

Even if you stand in a place where all is going wrong,

Even when you are accused of things you have not done,

Even when you feel so alone amongst a crowd,





2 thoughts on “Just Trust Jesus

  1. Hi Lou, This is so moving – it reminds me of the time when I left the religious group we were both brought up in. Even though…… my heart broke….. at the pain I was causing to others…. trusting was the key! Even though….. the loneliness and fear seemed to choke me at times……. I was given Proverbs 3:5-6 to live by… “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, don’t lean on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths.” At times I couldn’t see a future, I couldn’t see a step in front it all looked bleak – but as I trusted Him He strengthened me and brought me into His banqueting house. I pray now that I can be used to help others through the “even though’s….” XXXX

  2. Oh Lou, this is me right now! Am mentally and physically drained with all that’s going on in my family, but thank the Lord He understands it all! 💖

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