Let me Drink

I came across this poem,that I had written a while ago, and on reading it again, I just thought of those words,

” let me drink”, when I am really thirsty I love nothing better than a glass of cold water, its so refreshing and quenches my thirst.

then I thought of what it says,” from the deep well, that never runs dry!!”

I then asked myself, how often do I go and quench my spiritual thirst, drinking long and deep from the most pure, clear and refreshing water I will ever drink.

I am ashamed to admit I run dry! I sometimes don’t go for a drink that will refresh me, but I just take a sip.

time can so easily rob me / us, from drinking, praying, reading and we can run on a depleted tank of life giving water.

I mean to give Our great God, our loving Father, our Dearest Savour, the time that is his due, so, I can start every day refreshed  with  that pure crystal water, and to know of the holy Spirit, my constant companion and comforter, to be with me, as I face the day, and be willing to say, let “Your” will be done.



Let me drink from the deep well, that never runs dry,

Let me cleave to you Lord, you hear every sigh,

Let me never forget how you hung on the cross,

And for me, even me, was willing to die.

Let me learn to forgive, and from bondage break free,

 You hung on the cross, and in love forgave me,

Heavy chains, and cruel shackles, of sin fall away,

Forgiveness brings freedom; Christ’s love makes us free,

Whenever peace leaves me, and I just cannot rest,

Let me look to you Lord, who knows me the best,

I will cling to you tighter, whatever may come,

Just hold me, my Father, whatever the test.

There are times I feel full, overflowing with praise,

Just knowing you’re with me, for all of my days,

And even if challenges bring fear, and I doubt,

My love and devotion to you I will raise.

Oh Lord draw me closer, as I seek you and pray,

Embrace me and keep me, close to you each day,

Though there may be paths leading, away from your Love,

Within your blessed will, is where I want to stay.

6 thoughts on “Let me Drink

  1. So lovely, Lou! I identify! There’s so often a big difference between the abundance we know can be ours in Christ and actually how much we avail ourselves of that abundance!! We can be spiritually hungry and thirst, when God is offering us His fulness.

    1. Thank you, Lyn! It’s so reassuring when what I share resonates with others, so often we can think we are the only ones feeling as we do, then we realize we all face the same challenges, trials, and varied experiences.
      I am so slow at times to heed the nudge of the holy spirit telling me where I am going wrong!! How blessed we are to have such a Good and loving Heavenly Father!!

  2. Hi Lou, this is so refreshing but I feel like it is also a warning. I find on days when I have so much to do, I forget to drink or worse, I’m too busy. Thankfully these days are rare but so thankful to Jesus for his eternal grace in these times.

  3. Thank you Lou for reminding me to stop and drink of the living water. Recently I have seemed to be rushing from one task to the other. Really appreciate this. XXX

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