will we be ready


When that time comes…we don’t know when,

Will we be waiting,hearts aflame,

Even as the sky erupts,

And on our lips, will be his name!

Every person living then,

Will see the wonder, hear the sound,

Of heaven bursting forth in power

A sight so wonderful, profound!

In that great moment, every knee,

will have to bow, and tongues confess

, our Saviour, Lord, our God our king,

returns to rid the world of mess…..

that man has made, through selfish greed,

no thought of life beyond the grave,

thinking only of earthly wealth,

and earthly riches they can save.

It seems as if, nothing is bad,

No longer there is right or wrong,

If things feel right, then let it be,

Morals and standards all but gone.

But will believers all as one,

Be ready, waiting, for that day,

Oil lamps full, alert to hear,

The bridegroom’s voice Call out, so dear,

We can’t afford to think there’s time,

To take our ease, to slumber long,

Or to let, things of this life

Take up our time, till time has gone,

I want to be in that blessed place,

Where I am ready, waiting, still,

In tune, for when, my Saviour comes,

To be complete within his will.

On hearing our Pastor speaking of the return of Jesus Christ, and his challenge to us all….”are you ready?…. am I ready?”

It made me realise how easily we can get distracted with our every day to day lives, and not really ponder over the possibility, will today be the day he returns!!!!

It would appear we, who believe and are christians, are in the minority, and being sidelines by the causes of LGBT and transgender that have reared up everywhere over the past months.

I must admit, I sometimes long for that day.

Yesterday at the beach, I gazed at the vast expanse of blue sky, snow white clouds, and watching families with little ones on the beach, retired couples, and many dog owners, all enjoying a beautiful October day, and how many, I wondered, gave a thought to our great creator, who had given, to us, all we were enjoying.

While I long for that day, I also pray that it will not come until those I love,who at present either do not believe in an all loving God, or, who sit on the fence not knowing what to believe, understand the price that was paid, to set them free from sin, and they would give their lives to Jesus, and know of  loving  their Saviour.


One thought on “will we be ready

  1. Lou this is truly amazing and so in tune with what is going on all around us. Thank you for reminding me of what is most important and not to retreat but to advance boldly with the Good News of Jesus. XXX

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