In the midst


In the midst of the storm just remember,

Our Saviour was calm and at peace,

He rose from the place he was sleeping

And with power he made the storm cease,


Our God made the heavens and darkness,

He stretched out the stars with his hands,

Our almighty God, our redeemer,

Made the sun, and the sea and the lands,


And when we feel burdened and helpless

It’s then that our Savour our friend

Will quietly and calmly assure us,

On him, we can always depend.


In the midst of a storm that is threatening

We may feel overwhelmed, full of fear,

And we question the presence of Jesus,

If at first, we can’t tell, if he’s near.


Just wait, and listen, in silence,

We will hear his dear voice, in love say,

I will never forsake you, my dear one,

I am with you each step of the way.

These words came to me after I heard someone speaking about the time the disciples were in their boat, in the middle of a terrible storm, and even for seasoned fishermen they were afraid, however, who was at peace? fast asleep, in the stern of the boat, despite the howling wind, and mountainous waves? none other than Jesus!!  

They cried out in fear to him, and asked him if he cared that they would drown!!

He got up, rebuked the wind, told the waves to be quiet and still, then he turned to those who had seen him perform great miracles, and said, “Why are you so afraid?do you still have no faith?!”


3 thoughts on “In the midst

  1. This is really encouraging and helpful – so right for the darkening culture.. May we always know our Lord is near. Thank you Lou. XXX

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