Our Loving Heavenly Father

Our loving Heavenly Father

Our loving Father, how we love to gather,

As one, we come to worship and adore,

No fear of meeting openly together,

To you, We praise and sing, our voices soar.

Even as we sing, let us remember,

The persecuted souls, The ones who fear,

Yet hold on tight, No matter consequences,

As they grasp your strong right hand,

so near.

Let prayer be intermingled with our worship,

For those imprisoned in a cruel cell,

Let those who have no food or bed to lie on,

Live out, in faith, your wondrous love to tell.

Please let us never, ever take for granted,

The freedom that we have, to gather here,

Our voices and our prayers ascending to you,

Without the need of feeling dread or fear.

And if there comes a time, we too lose freedom,

To praise you means, we suffer in your will,

Let us face with faith what may befall us,

With love and courage, please,

Our hearts just fill.

most Sunday mornings and evenings, I meet with a small gathering of warm and loving fellow christians, I have been worshiping with them for 3 years now, since I left the same secret legalistic sect that Pamela was also born and raised in.

we meet in a small wooden chapel that is situated down a narrow country lane, in the summer we have the doors and windows open, and because we have some amazing singers and musicians, the surrounding area, cannot fail but hear us praising God as we sing.!!

One day, we were hearing about the persecution of fellow christians in other lands, and the dreadful things they suffer because they believe in Jesus, and will not give up their faith in him.

It made me just think of our freedom in this country, we can hold services with our doors and windows wide for all to hear, unlike so many who meet in secret, in  fear of imprisonment and even death.

But, it seems we could be facing opposition sooner than we think, with the way christians are being marginalised, and can no longer stand for their deep held beliefs without being taken to court and losing jobs and being ridiculed.

so, I just thought of sitting in the chapel one sunday, and imagining how it would be if our freedom was suddenly challenged, how would I stand before those who, may burst in and  just wanted to silence us, and persecute us.

I pray that God would fill us all with Love, faith and courage if this ever happens

Just as our fellow christian brothers and sisters in far flung lands show, standing up for Jesus,despite the threat of being persecuted and facing even death.

   I just want to  keep remembering them constantly in my prayers.






3 thoughts on “Our Loving Heavenly Father

  1. Thanks Lou, how lovely, in the middle of a busy day to sit and read this and contemplate all the freedoms we have been given and then think and pray for those of us followers of Christ who are not so fortunate. Blessings to you 🙂

  2. This is such an incredibly moving description and also very challenging. Would my faith stand firm under threat of imprisonment, torture of death? We must appreciate the freedom we have here in the UK and fight for it because slowly it is being eroded and attacked – little by little – our Christian heritage is being sidelined, mocked disregarded.

    Thank you Lou for reminding me of this important fact.

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