Facing Insurmountable Mountains


When faced with insurmountable battles,

A trial or a test too hard to get through,

I buckle beneath the challenge before me,

And cry to you God, “where do I go”?

“How do I face these great mountains before me?

I need you my saviour, please hear me I pray”,

And then comes a whisper, a voice gently saying,

“Fear not, I am with you, every step of the way”


“Did I not part the deepest of waters?

When my people were fleeing their deadliest foe,

I made them a pathway between walls of water,

I pointed the way, that they were to go.”

“Fear not, do not tremble, I never will leave you,

My son, whom I love, has paid the great price,

I tore down the curtains from top to the bottom,

He took on your sins, in pure sacrifice.


“No pit of despair is too deep I can’t hold it,

Get underneath it, bear burdens so great,

No valley so lonely or dark, or so hopeless,

No sin so heavy, I can’t bear its weight.

“So come, and just trust, you are precious my child,

I will hold you and keep you through life’s stormy sea,

Whatever may come, be it stormy or peaceful,

Remember one truth, you will always have me.”

I guess we all face what seems overwhelming trials and tests in life, and some seem just too big to overcome, these words came to me as I was facing what seemed like a test just too big to face, but, when we have the Holy Spirit within us, that inner love and strength, everything we need in Jesus,……well we can not fail to come through to the other side of the mountain!

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