Like a Ripple

Like a Ripple From a Pebble.

Like a ripple from a pebble, Thrown far into a lake,

The ever growing ripple, Increases in it’s wake,

And the circles keep on growing, Until they lap the shore,

The influence from the pebble Keeps growing more and more,

Liken it to Jesus, who, Loved deeply for mankind,

He suffered for each living soul, no greater love you’ll find.

Let the love to you and me, Indwell our hearts until,

It overflows a rippling tide, Of love, to others fill.

An ever growing ripple, That turns into a flood,

From one who loved so deeply, And offered up his blood,

Lord, our loving Saviour, Fill our lives with love that grows,

And let it be, your love within, To others, from us flows.

One thought on “Like a Ripple

  1. Hi Lou,
    What a wonderful thought – like a ripple from a pebble! Just loved this poem and prayed that Jesus in my heart causes a ripple to spread out….. far and wide to touch all those I come into contact with.

    Thank you for sharing this! Love PX

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