Sweet time of Prayer

My times of prayer are so precious, and yet, I often fail to give the time I should to God.

At times I go, and fall to my knees, needing to be in that place where I can pour out all that is in my heart.

other times, I don’t always feel as if I can get the vital connection, and I don’t have the patience to wait, to hush my heart, and mind, to still the many thoughts going through, and just wait, for that still small voice.

As so often happens, these words came to me, as I was pondering over this vital lifeline we have to our God and saviour.




Teach me to wait in silence,

Hush every whispered thought,

I come, to wait in silence

So all that I have brought,

Before your throne of grace Lord,

Is set aside until,

You speak in your own time Lord,

My heart and mind to fill,

I long for sweet communion

From you. Lord, only you,

Guide my every step Lord,

Please let me learn anew,

Just what it means to wait Lord,

To listen and be still,

So that your Holy Spirit,

In all I am, can fill,

Until in quiet humility

I wait, your voice to hear,

What ere you say I know one thing,

I need not doubt or fear,

You love me as I am Lord,

My hearts deep need you know,

Let your very being,

Like a river flow,

So that I could be filled with you.

Submitting all  I am,

And in my life there could be seen,

The spirit of a Lamb.


3 thoughts on “Sweet time of Prayer

  1. Hi Lou, this prayer is sweet and very beautiful. I love it and want to make this ability to wait in the presence of the Lord my one priority. Not easy when so many things and people need our attention. Also for me I tend to go into His presence with my list of what I want Him to do rather than just waiting for Him to speak to me.

    On one line should it be “whatever” you say. … or is it meant to be like prose “ere” what you say. I wish I could express myself the way you can! God has given you an amazing gift.

    1. regarding the “ere” I have used poetic license and abbreviated as it fits in with the rhythm of the verse!! but yes, it does mean “whatever”.I am glad you like this, how I strive for this !!!

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