How can I Fear the Future

As you log onto my blog you will hear a song being sung, called “How can I fear the future”.

The words of this song came to me, after my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer June 2017.

The Drs, nurses and his GP  were all amazed at his acceptance and calm attitude on being told he only had 4 to 6 months to live.

His answer was always, “How can I fear the future when Love has planned the way,”

Dad had a great love and faith in God, every morning before going downstairs, he could be found, head bowed, in silent contemplation at his desk on the landing, bible open, getting ready for the day ahead.

I felt these words were given to me, and I wrote them down, then on his birthday, 25th July, I put them in his card.  I didn’t hear anything for a week or so, then one day he called me, and said,”Lou, those words are so beautiful, is there any way they could be put to music?”

My Pastor and his wife,Ian and Lynda Masson, are very musical, and I gave Lyn the words and asked could they put music to them.

Not long after, I received an email, and this recording.

I went to see Dad, and let him listen to the recording, suffice to say he loved it!!

When my sister was sorting through his things, she found copies everywhere, on his desk, near the phone,and in his bible.

We had these words written on the service sheet, as he wanted them to be shared at his funeral.


How can I fear the future?

How can I fear the way ahead,

When Jesus came to take my place,

And suffered in my stead.

Christ’s love so great has conquered,

No fear! Deaths sting forever gone,

No body in the rough hewn grave

Just life’s redemption song.


Love beyond our reasoning,

Impossible to take it in,

Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ,

Has taken all our sin

Why should we fear tomorrow?

When God’s great love has gone before,

Our Saviour gave his life for us,

To open wide the door,


I knock, I ask, and seek Lord,

I hear with joy your loving voice,

You answer “child you’re ever mine”

My heart, my soul rejoice,

How can I fear the future?

God’s perfect love has planned the way,

Within my saviours love so great,

Is where I want to stay., Ian and Lynda Masso

One thought on “How can I Fear the Future

  1. Just love this song. Can’t stop listening to it and the words go round and round in my head – so uplifting and inspiring.

    Knowing the reason behind your writing also makes it so very, very special.

    Must get people to sign up for this blog who need this type of encouragement.
    Pamela xx

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