Seeing Jesus

I watched a video about a newly appointed Pastor being welcomed to his church. The congregation was very large, and everyone were excited to see their new Pastor. Before the service, a grubby homeless man walked into the church, and started to ask for money, none was given, he went to sit in the front of the church, but was asked to sit at the back, only 3 people acknowledged his greeting, most ignored him. When it was time for the new Pastor to appear, and be welcomed, the homeless man stood up from the back of the church and made his way slowly to the front. He looked at his congregation and said, “I see a gathering of people, not a church of Jesus Christ”, he then went onto tell them what he had experienced that morning among them, as a homeless stranger. This really struck a chord in me, and I wrote the following

. As you walk the streets of life, passing doorways,

Do you see? A homeless beggar,

hand outstretched, And ask yourself,

That could be me!

Who’s face looks back at you,

At your quick glance,

You hurry past, Feeling guilty, feeling shame,

But even so…. keep walking

. What if the day comes, as it will for sure,

And, you glance down, To see the homeless beggar

Reaching out to you,

On his head a thorny crown

, His nail pierced hands,

and wounded side, His feet pierced too,

And he will say, you saw me every day,

But passed me by,

Yet in love, for you,

I Died.

You claim to love me, yet…

. You passed me by so many times,

you did not see ME,

Only a homeless beggar, and who was he to warrant a second glance,

One thought on “Seeing Jesus

  1. Yes, this is food for thought and regret too when we are all so busy… busy… busy…
    With long lists of things which have to be done right away, top priority.
    No time to think of anyone else… much less a beggar.
    One day in the distant future we might not be able to do things the way we used to…
    or worse… we might even be that beggar. .. priorities will then be a luxury…
    a distant memory… someting we used to do.
    Yes, this is food for thought and regret too when we are all so busy… busy… busy…

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