Jesus…Our Saviour

who came and lived to bring us Life everlasting.

His hands were calloused from the carpenters tools,

His feet were dusty and sore,

he knew what it was to have tears of great pain,

from wounds so ragged and raw,

As he grew in favour, with God and man,

he prayed, let Gods will be done,

he was tempted and tried in every way,

yet sins, he had, not one.

For thirty years he lived quietly at home,

living a life without sin,

yet was tempted by all the world held so dear,

As he lived with kith and kin,

As he started to go, calling men to leave all,

“Come follow where I lead”

he healed, and blessed, and fed great crowds,

And spoke of sowing seed.

His message was come, follow me and leave all,

Fear not, just follow me,

Lay down all your heavy burdens and take up my cross,

Through Grace you can be free.

we know so little about those first 30 years of Jesus’s life, and one day, these few lines just came to me, maybe I have taken poetic licence,  but I just saw him as one of us, willing to live as a man, experiencing every temptation and struggle we mere humans face, so that he could know and enter into our struggles, and intercede on our behalf. 



One thought on “Jesus…Our Saviour

  1. Dear Lou,
    Well done! A great first blog! You are amazing to have achieved this – obviously a natural “techie.”!!!! This is absolutely beautiful and full of Biblical truth. I think you are so gifted at expressing inner meanings and truths so simply and profoundly. Like you say, we know very little about the first 30 years of Jesus’s life. This is something I would share in one of my talks!!!!

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