Draw Me Closer


(3 verses)

Draw me closer, ever closer,

Open up my eyes to see,

Let me hear your voice proclaiming,

I AM the Truth

Come follow me.

How I struggle, how I wrestle,

When I cannot understand,

But hold me Father, ever tightly

Hold me by your nail pierced hands.


Draw me Saviour, hold me always,

Never do I want to leave,

The safety of your loving presence

To only you

I want to cleave,

Even when I cannot hear you,

Sense you, feel you, hold me tight,

You have promised to be with me,

Through every day

And darkest night.


My mind cannot take in the greatness,

Of everlasting life with you!

Liberate my inward thinking

As I walk

Each step with you,

Let me lift my eyes to heaven

See the vast expanse of space,

And to know you left Gods Glory,

To Love and save

The human race. ©




4 thoughts on “Draw Me Closer

  1. Dear Lou,
    This poem is beautiful and really touched me.
    Can you tell me what inspired you to write this?
    Thank you and God Bess, Pete 🙂

    1. Dear Pete,
      Thank you for your lovely comment on this poem! I wrote this 3 years ago, after leaving the legalistic secretive sect I had been born and raised in, and been part of for 44 years.
      It took me some time to overcome the fear of leaving, not because I thought it was the wrong decision, but because of all the people who I knew I would hurt, especially my Dad, and the subtle hounding from the workers.
      There were days when I was filled with so much amazement and joy at learning about being saved by Grace, to days being bowed down by the fact I was still surrounded by those still in, my husband, mother in law, two daughters and Dad.
      I had wonderful, mountain top light bulb moments!! but also deep valley experiences, such as this poem.
      I have proved though, it’s in the valley where we get to experience God’s love, mercy, and his arms around us. but, we may not be aware or even appreciate that, until we are in a place high enough to look back.

      1. Thanks Lou, sounds like you have been through it… but come out the other side too.
        Yes Gods Grace is so wonderful and it is so sad when others dont get but we have to keep on and the wonderful thing is we are no longer alone but walking with Jesus.

  2. Hi Lou,
    I think this poem is really special and written from a heart that has really known what it is to cry out to God for His help – tough experiences really do make us want to get closer to our Lord.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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