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A Dutch clockmaker had just finished making two identical grandfather clocks. One of the clocks asked its maker how hard it would have to work and how many times it would have to tick during its life. The clockmaker replied that with 1,800 ticks per hour, the total number of ticks would be many millions. The clock thought about this, then worried about it for a long time, and then died of anxiety, coming to a complete stop! The other clock decided not to ask too many questions and not to look too far ahead. Instead it would live one day at a time and just tick away quietly, facing the minutes and hours as they came. The clock lasted for hundreds of years, keeping perfect time! It was able to fulfil its maker’s glorious purpose….one tick at a time!

The well-known gospel song goes:

One day at a time, sweet Jesus….

That’s all I’m asking of You…

Just give me the strength to do every day

What I have to do…..

As this year begins resolve with me to live “one tick at a time” and then no matter how hard or difficult the task we will never be overwhelmed with life’s difficulties or circumstances. “Ticking along one day at a time” we will fulfil God’s plan for our lives….to live to our “full potential!”

Let’s get up and go for Jesus one day at a time!


I am delighted to introduce Karen Bland who will be running a BLOG for PRS Ministries. I know she will be a great encouragement and blessing to everyone who joins.
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Pamela will be speaking at Myrescough College, Bilsbarrow, Preston, on Thursday 5th March, 2015, 12.30pm, to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

The subject which will be presented is “Equality and Achievement go hand in hand for Women”. The College is supporting the Air Ambulance Charity and a representative will be talking about their work. Also a special “liturgical dancer” will be performing.

 Check the               page for directions.
  • PRS Ministries to expand

  • Karen’s BLOG

  • 2015 Seminar Event

  • New Book to progress

  • Opportunities to Share Jesus

  • EEI Evangelists April Event

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“Who Dares Wins”…
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